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A project log for Biological & Environmental Feedback LED Wristband

Wristband that takes in heart rate and music data and creates responsive light show. Share Your Light!

Michael FoxMichael Fox 08/19/2014 at 06:210 Comments

Powering three strips of LED's will be up to a Li-Po battery which is recommended for use with NeoPixels by adafruit. We chose a 3.7V 1200maH battery because of its size, weight, and capacity. It is important for the wearer to feel comfortable with the wristband throughout a show. Also, because the lights will be blinking the current draw will be lowered and this will extend the lifetime of the battery. With all three light sequences running (a total of 21 LEDs) off a supply the highest current draw ranged around 600ma with a more regular draw of 170 - 300 ma. With one battery that would make the lights last over 2hrs and just by adding another lightweight slim battery we could extend the time of the lights to well over 4hrs.