Inspired by Daniel Eichhorn's "WeatherStation" project, Clouden is a modular electronics kit for building a Personal Weather Station. At its heart, the Weather Station is based on the ubiquitous, inexpensive, WiFi-capable ESP8266 System-On-Chip (SoC).

The Clouden IoT Weather Station owes its modularity to the Wemos family of development boards. It includes an ultra-bright, compact-sized (0.75in) OLED display, a Li-Po battery charger, a breakout for the ESP8266 SoC itself, and an array of sensors for measuring humidity and temperature (SHT30), as well as barometric pressure (BMP180).

The firmware on the ESP8266 is responsible for collecting data at a user-specified rate, and it also provides a web interface for configuring the different settings of the weather station. Moreover, it sets up a wireless network through which the station can be accessed, it serves a beautifully crafted webpage for accessing the weather data, and queries the Weather Underground service for additional data if an internet connection is available.

During operation, both the localized (measured) and online data (if available) are displayed on the colorful, built-in OLED screen, as well as on the webpage hosted and served by the ESP8266 itself.