Segway Ninebot MiniPro mobile application hack

I need to hack thru the MiniPro mobile application to gain control for the movements of the Segway.

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I am working on a Segway MiniPro modification that will use the Segway platform to paint vector outlines on fields and large outdoor areas ( I manufacture a unique removable paint for this robots application). I think a hack of the MiniPro mobile application can interface me to my necessary movement controls. I do not know how to accomplish this and I am seeking some person or persons to help achieve the interface hacking. 678 361-5335 Thanks very much.

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rave76 wrote 03/30/2018 at 10:37 point

How far have you gone? This was one of my many interests. I've looked at the app myself (partly decompile) and also was researching on its bluetooth protocol as a way to interface. Recently they've released the sdk for Loomo - their official robotics add-on that interfaces via USB. I just glimpsed on some of the demo codes in github. There might be some clues there. No joke but my primary interest is developing my own robot from modular parts - to appear driven by Furby (open furby), but uses a powerful odroid x4 (or powered by docker swarm FAAS - I built on pcDuinos sbc), vision AI via Intel Movidius usb and Google home mini for text to speech, and LG 360 for 360 camera viewing.  Since everything is modular joined by 3d printed custom frame,  they can easily be disassembled -- at least that is how envision it. Already have all the parts; I'm just lacking time and focus. :)  Btw, you do know that the segway mini pro was already hacked before via their app by a security researcher from ioactive? Hence that was my initial approach too. 

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paetur.magnussen wrote 01/20/2018 at 17:11 point

Are you located in Europe? I was thinking of hacking the Ninebot mini so that it could be controlled remotely over 3G/LTE.

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erichhaubrich wrote 07/14/2017 at 18:10 point

What about using a flight controller like the APM/ArduPilot and creating an interface between the FC and the PCB on MiniPro? APM would let you create a 'flight plan' on a phone or laptop based on GPS and other position sensors.

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