Portable EEG

MindFlex headset + Arduino = Portable electroencephalograph!

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Utilizing a Mind Flex headband and an Arduino, I made a portable, datalogging electroencephalograph! And you can too!

Someone close to me has a terminal neurological condition. Over the next decade or so, they will begin to lose who they are but, in the present, it's causing them to faint at random. The doctor's don't know what it is and, so, they don't know how to address it. Unlike the movie "Bicentennial Man", I can't simply say "This will not do" and make a new brain for them. What I CAN do is geek this shit up and make a little a portable, rudimentary EEG to try and give the doctors some more clues as to what's going on in there. 

Using the instructions from this site to get things going (, I made the EEG. Unfortunately, those instructions require it to be tethered to a computer and the data can't be saved. This is... well, less than handy when you don't know when/where the person is going to knock out. So, I picked up a seeduino SD card shield from my local RadioSnack and had the arduino save the data into a CSV file where it can then be opened with Excel and analyzed. 

In the future, I'd like to add an RTC to add timestamps for each point. Also, if there are any Nuerologists in the house, please contact me. I'd like to forward you some sample data to make sure this isn't just making noise.

  • 1 × MindFlex Headband
  • 1 × Arduino
  • 1 × solid core wire
  • 1 × SD Card Shield I used a seeeduino sd shield
  • 1 × rechargable battery for Arduino

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