Electronics Acquisition

A project log for Seeing Space Table

A table to see what mechatronic systems are thinking.

minifig404minifig404 10/16/2014 at 02:530 Comments

So far, I've acquired radios, a BeagleBone, and some prototyping supplies. Software is not progressing very quickly.

I think a BeagleBone is a lot better of a choice for this project than a Raspberry Pi; there's a fair amount of computing going on, and not very much rendering required. Specifically, OpenCV at >30fps.

The project BOM recommends a radio per sensor. I'm keeping that there for the moment, but for the sake of putting things together quickly, I'm starting with an Arduino, a special intercept shield, and just one pair of radios. If this works well, I might decide to change the BOM to account for the shift in design.

Hopefully, I'll at least be able to assemble all the components this week.

In previous weeks, I've also gotten help building a table. It isn't complete yet, but it should work for my purposes for now.