• Added the Gerber Files

    Bharbour01/19/2020 at 22:07 0 comments

    I just added the Gerber and Drill files to the Files area. These files are provided in the hope that they might be useful but completely "As Is". There is no warranty of any kind including correctness or suitability for any purpose. The Bill of Materials has Digikey part numbers that were current when I did this project. The chips should be readily available, the passives may have changed. There is nothing magic about the passive components, substitute like values, sizes and ratings, and they should be OK.

  • 2 Layer Boards back from OSHPark

    Bharbour07/11/2017 at 18:40 0 comments

    When I laid out the original board for this project, there were no connections to the power plane. Since a 3 layer board is not a valid choice, I just doubled the ground plane. After the layout was complete, it occurred to me that there was very little routing on the back side of the board. After the initial 4 layer boards came back and worked, I removed the 2 ground planes and poured a plane on the back side of the board. This configuration cut the board cost in half. The new 2 layer boards came back from OSHPark yesterday, and I built one up this morning and tested it. It works as expected.