433MHz Texting and Controller

433MHz transceiver for texting and radio control with your smartphone

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Moteino (Arduino + radio transceiver) connected to a smartphone via audio jack and or bluetooth and or wifi. Use an App to Text rather than relying on cell phone coverage. Also use your smartphone to control 433MHz applications.

Hopefully the audio jack as a modem for the moteino works, as that would be the cheapest.

  • 1 × moteino
  • 1 × smartphone
  • 1 × audio cable

  • Initial Idea

    Robert08/19/2014 at 20:53 0 comments

    The goal being to have a moteino ( arduino + RFM69W transceiver ) communicate with other 433MHz devices. I first thought that a 3.5 mm audio jack would be ideal to provide serial data transfer between the smartphone and the arduino as this would work on iphone and android phones. But I’m worried about how the information from the audio jack is interpreted and possible problems with equalization and timing. I’d like to avoid a TI CC3000 Wifi Module because of the costs so now I’m leaning towards using the Nordic Semiconductor’s NRF24L01 as a bluetooth transceiver between an android phone and arduino. I don’t think this is possible with an iphone because the bluetooth protocols are proprietary. Anyway, this is something I’ve been thinking about ever since I started fooling around with the RFM69W for home automation. If I could build all of this into a cell phone case I think it would be pretty cool to text and control via 433MHz on your smartphone.

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Bob Wareham wrote 09/12/2014 at 17:03 point
How long will it be before it is available please and will the original small board still be available to purchase. I think the project is very good and will do well.

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Hasse wrote 09/04/2014 at 06:50 point
For iOS you should use BT 4 LE, that requires no permission from Apple *(:-{. All recent Android devices also have BT 4 LE but if you intent to use older Android versions then that will not work. Some BT modules have both BT classic and LE but their powerconsumption is not suited for battery use if you are planning that. With a LE module, you could make the whole system run on a batterypack if your microcontroller supports a sleep / low power mode. In the end, usability comes down to the App... good luck.

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Robert wrote 08/19/2014 at 04:25 point
Whats the best way to communicate serial data between the smartphone and Arduino?

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