Structure Assembly

A project log for Handheld Camera Gimbal

For Mirrorless and Mid-Size DSLRs.

matt-barrMatt Barr 07/07/2017 at 20:010 Comments

For the actual gimbal structure, I used Actobotics aluminum plating and pattern adapters from Servo City. The entire Actobotics line uses 6/32 threads for everything that is threaded (except the weird stuff). For fasteners, I used the new 6/32 stainless machine screws from Lowes. They are incredibly strong and strip less than the 6/32 hex screws that Servo City sells. The 8mm rod will need to be cut to size with a Dremel. It is certainly possible, and cheaper, to make the structure with simple aluminum bar stock. I had quite a bit of Actobotics stuff laying around, so I used it. If using a light camera, the rod and pillow block side could probably be left off. I added it for support and to take some stress of the pitch motor bell.