A project log for Battery Desulfator Kit, TESLA 12V compatible

This is a fast, heavy-duty Pulse Engine derived from my Commercial grade desulfator. Up to 80% battery yields overnight.

mosaicmercmosaicmerc 07/04/2017 at 05:300 Comments

Ok, I have some work to separate the pulse engine schematic from the rather complex overall circuit.

Once I do that I can publish the EAGLECAD files and BoM for those who want to get started.

Then I'll design an integrated pulser with variable duty cycle/freq to drive this engine for the DIY folks, although a simple 555 circuit can do it as well if you want to get going quickly.

In the meanwhile have a look at my other project, the Lead Acid Ah capacity tester/ logger. It is what I used when I was in early development to easily load test regenerated batteries and output the result to Excel to chart the battery Ahr. The principle of that unit is integrated into the complete system which does pass/fail rejection and rates each passed battery for proper service application.