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A project log for Battery Desulfator Kit, TESLA 12V compatible

This is a fast, heavy-duty Pulse Engine derived from my Commercial grade desulfator. Up to 80% battery yields overnight.

mosaicmercmosaicmerc 07/24/2017 at 20:390 Comments

Ok, it seems that Autodesk has killed off the 'Freemium" version of EagleCAD. Well, that drops a large rock in the open source pond.

I learned EagleCAD on the Freemium license...ah well.

I added the 1:1 scaled PDFs in the files section to allow DIY toner Transfer PCB making of the double sided 5..5" x 3.25" PCB. Note that my layout has custom SMD pads for the TO247 IRFP3206 NFETS. Bend the Transistor leads at 90° just at the thick lead shoulder and trim down the bent section to 1/8".

I did that to make for an improved, low impedance solder joint that permits easy rework when experimenting with other transistors. It's a B*itch to remove through hole TO-247's  without overheating the drain connection and lifting the PCB copper. Also, it provides for easy transistor realignment if you don't get your heatsink 6-32 mounting holes just right. Hot air is advisable, or solder wick when doing rework.  I use a medium spade tip and about a 310°C setting on my solder station for the TO-247 rework.

290° C is ok for first installation.

As always, check out my other projects for DIY PCB making at home.