It boots!

A project log for BeagleLogic Standalone

BeagleLogic, now as a turnkey and standalone 16-channel Logic Analyzer

Kumar, AbhishekKumar, Abhishek 10/14/2017 at 13:390 Comments

After I got the boards on the 4th of October, I set about getting them to boot. Robert Nelson provided the first set of patches into u-boot adding support for the BeagleLogic board (thanks Robert!). Even after the patches, the BeagleBoard u-boot bootloader expects a board ID in the on-board EEPROM of the SiP in order to recognize the board and boot it correctly. To program the EEPROM, the board needed to be booted. How to solve this chicken-and-egg situation?

There are two ways - (i) Write the EEPROM using u-boot and (ii) Apply a third patch to u-boot that causes the board to be recognized as a BeagleBone (the original, white one) and once booted, write the EEPROM from userspace. I chose the second option.

I got stuck after writing to the board EEPROM, the board refused to boot once the EEPROM was written to. I dug deeper and found that it was a voltage scaling issue, the voltages to the CPU were not getting set correctly causing the board to crash once control was handed over to the kernel from the bootloader. This led to a second set of patches that went into u-boot. That led to this:

Yes, the board booted. However the peripherals needed to be brought up. That will form the next project log.