Raspberry Pi Rear Seat Entertainment

Low cost in-car rear seat entertainment with RetroPie and Kodi using official 7" touch display

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Entertaining your children on long road trips could be very challenging. So I decided to mount one Pi per child at the head rests combined with the official 7" touch screen and a cheap head rest mount. Using RetroPie and Kodi, my kids are now able to play retro games, hear their music or watch videos. Since installing this system, no more "How long do we have to drive?" questions any more... :-)


adapter for hama head rest mount

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 67.86 kB - 07/03/2017 at 18:10


  • New power supply

    makeTVee02/20/2018 at 17:25 0 comments

    After using a 12V/230V converter and two 5V/2.5A AC adapters for nearly one year, it was time for a more robust and integrated solution. I have ordered a 12V/5V converter with 10A output current:

    With two micro-USB cables , one for every seat, and a 12V car power plug, this solution works quite well and no more cables hanging around between front and back seats:

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