Idea and Concept

A project log for SafeRanger

Thermal vision and Gas sensor based rover to detect abnormal Temperature and Gas Leaks

Varun SureshVarun Suresh 07/06/2017 at 14:090 Comments

After designing an AR Worker Helmet, I presented my prototype to a Professional who validates my idea and gave me few inputs about thermal cameras. He also adds up about the difficulties in monitoring the Temperature and Gas in critical areas without the help of a human.

After seeing the unbelievable progress in Machine Learning and Robotics for the past few years, empowering Industrial Workers with Machine Learning for fault detection and testing is my current goal. Also,along the way I've read statistics on number of fire accidents that occur in chemical power plants and hence I wanted to do my path. 

By integrating Thermal imaging with an All terrain robot, SafeRanger could be a next generation of workers. It delivers real-time thermal and gas data, direct to the user, enabling them to visualise and understand their world in ways never before imagined.