First board revision notes

A project log for Pocket Operator power supply (PO-PSU)

Micro USB to 3 V power supply for the Pocket Operator

ben-holmesBen Holmes 07/13/2017 at 03:190 Comments

Having populated the board and testing the design there need to be some revisions.

Populated board


  1. Mirror the pins on the USB connector.
  2. Change the layout of the USB connector as the chassis pins do not fit the board.
  3. Narrow the holes on the DC connector as the fit is poor.
  4. Increase font size for the silk screen as the text is illegible.
  5. Shrink the inductor footprint and move it closer to other components, shrinking the board.

However, the circuit works properly, generating a solid 3 V! Only 1% error with no load (multimeter).