Modification for "Bracelet for the blind"

A project log for Bracelet for the blind

The solution is leveraging from the available stuff, affordable.

TiendoTiendo 10/14/2017 at 17:460 Comments

After acquiring the opinions of some visually impaired people and experts, I decided to modify the product. Products will have the following features:
- There are 4 ways to use "Bracelet for the blind"
- The product can be combined with a stick. (The combination of "Bracelet for the blind" with the stick will be the most effective solution.)
- The obstacle detection distance can be configured between 2 meters and 5 meters (distance is configured by push button).
- Will only use a vibrating motor on any finger. The vibration of the motor will gradually increase as you approach the obstacle.
- Can be combined with an external power source to increase the use time of equipment to many days.

Mr. Binh is blind, he is blind both eyes due to an accident while working. He often walks with a stick in his hand, to meet and talk to people. The stories always make him smile, he is a optimist love life. and he is a very friendly neighbor.