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I want to make a sampling keyboard with the parallax propeller

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I plan on using the parallax propeller to make a sampling keyboard. Hopefully the functionality will be based on the casio line of sample keyboards as well as the korg microsampler with the possibility of adding some of my own features.
For the project I just mainly want to get to the point of playing a sample when the key (touch pad) is pressed and having polyphony (limited polyphony is fine, maybe 3 or 4 voice but hopefully more). Everything beyond that is extra but I do have a lot in mind.
Casio sk-x functionality:
record sound, sound is stretched across keyboard at various speeds (one shot and loop)
Korg microsampler functionality:
same as sk-x
trigger loop per key
chop incoming sample to group of keys
key select per sample (multi-sample instrument or split keyboard/drums/clips)
preset banks
bit crushing
effects - scrub, reverse, glitch, delay, pitch bend(speed)
ultimately if this goes well I would like to design it as a product

Things I might need:

not sure if I would want to have some SRAM on here for more ease of messing with the data

Might also need an DAC

  • Which object?

    zuul08/25/2014 at 02:00 0 comments

    I think I'm going to try using the KISS WAV player V2 object

    and the KISS WAV recorder


    Kwabena W. Agyeman

    there's also a tutorial on playing a wav using prop c code

    the mic and maybe amp (maybe just transistor or 386) will be like in this schematic

    the sd card will be set up according to the code ..there are pull up resistors and a regulator on my sd card breakout

    design may be modified to a similar one if built into a pcb

    I'll use the touch pads on the quickstart board to test

  • 2min vid

    zuul08/21/2014 at 07:00 0 comments

    didn't know if we still needed a vid or not... i'm just uploading this in case

    yeah, i don't say much in it cause i'm just doing it for the vid

  • Starting out

    zuul08/19/2014 at 07:11 0 comments

    I have the parallax propeller quickstart board

    SD card breakout

    electret mic and speaker

    I need to build the mic input circuit and possibly something for the output

    the main problem with my project is going to be the coding, I know very little code and would appreciate any help.. I might make a post detailing how I want it to work

    there are some tutorials i will link to on how to get a WAV file playing on your propeller via SD card

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