Looking for components in PLCC package.

XC9500 is dead and for new project you'd better go to XC9500XL but, since it's for hobby, I'd like to have both if possible.

The datasheet reports that new XL are Pin-compatible with 5V-core, e.g. the XC9572 device in the 44-pin PLCC package has the same pinout as the XC9572XL 

This, because I need to design the components on gEDA as well as on EagleCAD ("Xilinx.lib" doesn't happen to have a lot of CPLD components  )

Main differences between XC9500 and XC9500XL

  • on XL, the voltage for internal logic and input buffers is 3.3V, instead of 5V, but on the same pin
  • on XL, the supply voltage for output drivers is 3.3V, instead of 5V, but on the same pin
  • on XL, the high-level input voltage on user-pins can accept 5V
  • For XILINX, XL is still supported, XC9500 is dead
  • XL is more optimized and efficient

I can't find XC9500XL chips in PLCC package, Farnel and RS offer only the smd version.


I am looking for

  • XC9536XL, and old XC9536 (if possible), 44-Pin PLCC
  • XC9572XL, and old XC9572 (if possible), 44-Pin PLCC
  • XC95108XL, and old XC95108 (if possible), 84-Pin PLCC

Contact me in private if you happen to have some chip for sale.