Flashing Light Prize (2) Rubber Ducky

Bulbous Bulbing Bulbbly

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Never...never going to give you up.

This attempt, how ever, shd have been.

Original project had intention of dispensing compressed air in bursts to disrupt the flow...I uh, do/did not have access to such spare equipment. I welcome another 'with shop' to give it a shot.

Special guest hallucinated appearance by @SexyCyborg -- if only. If (long pause) only.

One animal (human) was harmed in the making of this film.


1. Meh.

2. Minor adjustment to the servo delay would have drastically improved the flash rate -- how ever, timing (space use) and operational alterations tested one's patience beyond the threshold of interest (see Notation 3).

3. Moving on...

  • 1 × Arduino Uno
  • 1 × Rubber Duck
  • 2 × Plastic Bowls
  • 1 × Servo
  • 1 × Vinyl Tubing

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  • Piddles

    Vije Miller07/12/2017 at 16:37 0 comments

  • Whirly

    Vije Miller07/10/2017 at 03:44 0 comments

    Used a coat hanger, shaped it around a metal cylinder (bottle), then fed it thru the tubing which while yes impeded the water flow a bit, still allows for a suitable flow for effect. I mean, it's not like this is going to save 147 people on board a flight over the Pacific Ocean...or will it?!

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