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A project log for Android Controlled Self Balancing Robot

A smartphone controlled balancing robot using bluetooth, stepper motors, homemade electronics and 3D designed / printed parts.

Arcadia LabsArcadia Labs 07/09/2017 at 18:380 Comments

The balancing robot is using :

Electronics parts

- Arduino pro micro brain. Any Atmega32u4 based arduino could work, but not a Atmega328, because it needs 2 hardware timers

- MPU-9250 Inertial Measurment Unit : Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Magnetometer in a single chip. The magnetometer part is not used yet.

- HC-05 Bluetooth module : for communication with the Android smartphone / tablet

- 2x NEMA 17 12V Stepper motors : High torque and high precision motors, perfect for this kind of robots

- 2x A4988 Stepper motors drivers + 2x 100uF decoupling capacitors : allows 1/16th stepping, features adjustable current limiting, over-current and over-temperature protection, and operates from 8 to 35V

- 1x L78M05 5V voltage regulator + 2x 1 uF capacitors : provides 5V to the "brain" part and servo

- 1x 12G micro servo : moves the "arm" up and down and allows the robot to stand up on its own

Mecanical parts

- 3D printed frame ; allows quick changes, repairs and lot of customization. Designed using Sketchup software

- Salvaged RC car or 3D printed wheels : diameter 10cm


- 3x salvaged 18650 Li-Ion batteries

Remote control

- Bluetooth Electronics Android app (