Android remote control interface

A project log for Android Controlled Self Balancing Robot

A smartphone controlled balancing robot using bluetooth, stepper motors, homemade electronics and 3D designed / printed parts.

Arcadia LabsArcadia Labs 07/23/2017 at 21:100 Comments

I just updated the GitHub repository with the Android remote interface file.

It uses the free Kewlsoft Bluetooth Electronics app, a nice tool to build bluetooth interfaces in no time, by sending simple serial instuctions to a Bluetooth client (the arduino HC-05 module in this case).

- The joystick on the left controls the robot
- The big red button on the right triggers the servo arm
- The little red button in the middle triggers pro mode on and off (be careful !)
- The little yellow button in the middle triggers the autonomous navigation on and off (if the robot is equipped with a IR sensor)
- The little blue button in the middle triggers only the distance measurement on and off
- Two big indicators show robot speed and angle

Installation instructions are in the project's GitHub android folder.