I plan to make this prototype, but I'll need help:

- I'll need a robot; Not a big, mean one. It doesn't have to be big either. I would like it small, innocent. About the size of a basket. Very teeny. And I would like it to have a screen for a face, so it can show smiles!

- I'll need a Raspberry Pi (or many); I DO have a Raspberry Pi, but it's old, before they were numbered. I would like at least one Raspberry Pi. Maybe a OctoPi! That would be cool! But probably one, so it could fit in the robot (since I ask it to be tiny).

- I'll need programmers!! I'm a programmer myself, but it'll take me weeks, maybe MONTHS to do it myself. I ask of programmers who can:

1. Program (in Python and/or Shell)
2. Can program robots (I cannot)
3. Has extensive knowledge.

Thank you for contributing!!!