Build Log 2: MK 2 Servo Actuators

A project log for Protoype Heavy Duty Robotic Arm Mk.1

A remarkably strong and sturdy 3d printed robot arm. With rotating wrist and articulated thumb.

Gray EldritchGray Eldritch 07/20/2017 at 05:280 Comments

Just here with a quick update on my modular robotic arm! This is my new servo actuator design, like many other robotic arms, I will be using high-tension string as tendons, and an actuator to push/pull them. But with the new, flexible hand design, only one direction of force is needed to open and close the hand. The hand closes when the actuator pulls on the tendon, and opens on its own upon release of the actuator, due to the elasticity of the flexible joints. Uses low cost MG996r servos, and has about a 4:1 reduction. What I like about this design, is when stopped in a position, it locks in place. Meaning it can carry a lot more payload without putting much strain on the servo motor!