Expandable Voice Control for Power Wheelchairs

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Expandable Voice Control for Power Wheelchairs

The purpose of the project is to develop a 'low cost' retrofit of a joystick controlled Power Wheel Chair so that someone who is a quadriplegic, but can still speak, can have a better quality of life, and control more than just the wheel chair.

The initial project hardware consists of a Power Wheel Chair, a voice recognition module [MikroElectronika "SpeakUp Click"], a micro controller with LCD display [in this case, a PIC16F6722]

All the items used could be replaced by equivalent sub-systems - a Raspberry or  Aduino instead of the PIC micro, etc.

  • 1 × Power wheel chair -
  • 1 × proximity sensors for motors [3 per]
  • 1 × SpeakUp Click voice control module
  • 1 × 4 x 20 LCD

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