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Smart servo based robot arm

dannyvandenheuveldannyvandenheuvel 10/08/2017 at 09:441 Comment

Started my 6DOF smartrobot project! beginning with the 'base unit'

As you already know or for the one they didn't know I started from scratch with this project.

I redrawed everything because I wasn't happy with the result of controlling and moving parts.
This robot will consist of 9 smart serial servo motors with feedback. You even can put the torck as low to move the robot by hand and record the movements. All feedback parameters as positioning,temperature,torck,load are available. Every motor will be commanded by serial communication, You  can add up to 253 servos in one communication line.

I printed all base (axis 1) parts with my brand new leapfrog Bolt pro 3D printer and assembled it.

This is the first part and will be part of my graphical GUI controller software.


Olaf Baeyens wrote 10/08/2017 at 20:25 point


I am wondering how the plastic can handle these speeds and repetitive tasks.

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