Attiny13 woes

A project log for FLUX capacitor trinket

emancipating this project from my blinking stuff project

davedarkodavedarko 07/13/2017 at 20:010 Comments

Okay, here we go:

Left OSHPark board: attiny13a SSU - working

Right OSHPark board: attiny45 - working

all 10 green boards: attiny13a SU - not working

Red board: attiny13a SSU - not working (but same badge as left OP board - weird)

USB cable tester: attiny13a SSU - working

small OSHPark board: attiny13a SSU - no idea

out of 15 attiny13a boards I know that two are working :( meh. At first I thought The smaller tinies are definitely fake, but the datasheet says they're a possibility.