The Scrobby on Kickstarter!

A project log for Scrobby - a solar panel cleaning robot

Creating a small, autonomous robot to keep solar panel installations clean.

Stefan HammingaStefan Hamminga 09/11/2014 at 08:120 Comments

It's been a touch quiet here, but not for me! I've been working on getting things ready for the next step in this project: Getting ready for production. I like the idea of Kickstarter from the start, the idea of combining testing your product's market reception with getting this crucial bit of early stage financing is very appealing. Usually financing in this stage is based on best guesses based on the appeal of the product and market position tools (patents, etc). Kickstarter and similar ideas allow you to gain real world feedback from a much earlier stage.

So, without further delay:

I hope you'll have a look and maybe even become an early adopter!