• M8 Linear Slide Components Uploaded to GitHub

    Scott Winroth2 days ago 0 comments

    CAD files for a simple linear slide have been added to the GitHub repository. The carriage is sized for M8-64T MakerWheels (also available on GitHub). The carriage has mounting holes to accommodate delta or quad MakerWheel configurations. The carriage is purposely lacking mounting holes for accessories since each application is unique. Additional holes can be added by modifying the CAD model or using a drill. Another alternative is to design a separate shield plate (think Arduino shield) that would attach either above or below the carriage. Thanks.

  • MakerWheel Modular Worm Gear Reducer Prototype Complete

    Scott Winroth3 days ago 3 comments

    The first prototype of the MakerWheel modular worm gear reducer was completed today. The gear reducer was developed to demonstrate how MakerWheels can be used in rotary motion applications. The prototype uses a 1/2"-13 bolt as the worm and a 50-tooth (50T) MakerWheel as the worm gear. Speed reduction ratio is 50:1. The 1/2"-13 bolts are supported by two R8-2RS bearings. All components are 3D printed in ABS except for the nuts, bolts, and bearings. Power input on this prototype is a simple finger crank but it could be coupled to an electric drill or DC motor very easily. Alternative speed reduction ratios are possible by exchanging the 50T MakerWheel and mounting plate with a different size (40T, 60T, etc.). Design files will be uploaded to GitHub soon.

  • GitHub Repository Setup and Initial Release

    Scott Winroth6 days ago 0 comments

    I concentrated my efforts today on setting up the GitHub repository for the MakerWheel project. This repository will hold all of the official CAD files and documentation. I released an initial batch of M8 MakerWheel CAD files (STL and IGES) as well. All M8 MakerWheels are compatible with standard M8x1.25 mm threaded rod and screws. The released files include several blanks (MakerWheels without hubs or bore holes that can modified by end users as needed), a 64-tooth (64T) MakerWheel with a single 608 bearing bore hole, and a 64T MakerWheel with dual 608 bearing bore holes. 64T MakerWheels are used to create linear motion systems such as the standard MakerWheel linear slide, which will be released soon. Thanks!