Three buttons, one potentiometer

A project log for Arduino + 433Mhz rf communication

What is the best way to communicate with cheap 433Mhz RF transmitter and receiver link kit for Arduino/ARM/MCU?

Kevin CepedaKevin Cepeda 07/14/2017 at 20:520 Comments

13/07/2017 Communication with text strings.

First of all, I used the a library called RadioHead for this project:

What I did today is to see how a code and hardware behaves. It is pretty much decent and works at distances up to 10 meter (with antenna in both circuits). Still not sure if it is the best way to send data.

Aside the arduinos and the transmitter/receiver link I've used 4 leds, 3 buttons and one potentiometer. The 3 buttons send a signal to turn on a led respectively, while the potentiometer sends an analog signal to light up or down the left led.



Code: AM 433Mhz/RF_receiver_3_boton_pot



Code: AM 433Mhz/RF_transmiter_3_boton_pot