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    Creating a Plotly Account and Getting Your Credentials

    Creating a Plotly Account and Getting Your Credentials




    Next we need to create a plotly account. Head over to plot.ly to do this.

    Once you’re done you need to head over to the settings to get your username, API key and streaming tokens. You’ll need 11 streaming tokens.

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    Update the Config.json File

    Update the Config.json File

    To set up Sensly to log directly to plotly we need to first of all download the required files. These can be found at https://github.com/Altitude-Tech/Sensly_Plotly, to download these files on your pi, open the terminal and type the command

    Once you get your API Keys and Streaming Tokens we need to put these into your config.json file which is found in the Sensly Plotly file you downloaded at the start of this instructable.

    • $ sudo nano /Path/To/Sensly_Plotly/config.json

    Add your username, API_Key and streaming tokens to the file

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    Run the Sensly_Plotly Script

    Run the Sensly_Plotly Script


    Next, we need to ensure that you have put the R0 values you obtained during calibration into the Sensly_Plotly.py script you put them in the area shown in the first picture.

    Make sure you are connected to the internet then press f5 to run the script, if successful your pi should open a web browser and start logging Sensly data to the web. The graph on the left hand side is the gases being detected and the graph on the right hand side is the particulate matter being detected.