SurgeyOS is a complete, integrated surgical robotics platform, which is configurable and modular.

The main structure has a base and a gantry which allows movement in 3D cartesian space of an arm base. The gantry moves with respect to the base (y-axis as shown on the onshape pictures below), the arm base moves with respect to the gantry in two axes (vertical z-axis and horizontal x-axis as shown on the onshape picture)

The above designs are available on Onshape:

Platform’s main components:

Most of the structures (tracks, gantry columns and beam) are made with OpenBuilds open source hardware (v-slot aluminum extrusions and wheels) and other components, such as motor housing, arm base, robotic arms etc. can either be 3D printed or machined with a CNC.

The robot’s software is powered by the ROS (Robot Operating System) open-source framework.

The challenge the project addresses.

SurgeyOS aims to be a more accessible and inexpensive tool to researchers, medical students and doctors. Typically, Surgery Robots are very expensive and there are many institutions that can’t afford them. SurgeyOS is an open source platform and thus any university can afford to build one and conduct research and help in understanding, improving and learning more about Surgery Robotics.

Surgery Robotics come at a cost of $2 – 3 million dollars with an extra cost of $180,000 a year for maintenance and an operation can cost a patient an extra amount of $2,000 - $4,000. ( , )

Open source surgery robotic platforms such as the one presented in this project, can lead to more affordable equipment with same hardware and software quality, which will then have as a result more affordable surgical operations. (Similar case: Laboratory equipment: Cut costs with open-source hardware )

Project Advantages

SurgeyOS is modular by design and can be configured in multiple ways based on different needs:

Use cases and research possible with the platform:


This is an open source project.

  1. Software is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License
  2. Mechanical designs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License