V1: Wheels In Motion

A project log for Remote Control Power Wheels

Taking a toy Power Wheels and making it remote control. Making improvements as time, money, and availability of parts allows.

TBJR6TBJR6 08/19/2014 at 14:210 Comments

This version was mostly to test the functionality of the toy itself. This version was done completely using found parts no purchases were made in this revision.

For this revision I wanted to keep everything simple and make sure that it moved. Since it had independent rear motors, I figured the easiest control system would be to control them independently. I later found out that the front wheels have a little too much grip for reliable control. For this log I won't be writing up any schematics unless someone asks due to the simplicity of it. 

The control was achieved through a 12V SLA battery, 4 3PDT relays, 4 Solid state relays, a few diodes, a few feet of cat5 and 2 DPDT center off momentary switches. I know that these parts are overkill, but it was what was laying around. 

Basically each motor had two relays, One for direction and one for power. Each relay was then activated by one SSR. The power fed to the controller of the two switches. The switches then fed into the SSRs. To make the motor go forward one of its relays was activated, for reverse both were. This version was purely a test. Things will eventually progress to more complex technology.