V3.5 Big Oops

A project log for Remote Control Power Wheels

Taking a toy Power Wheels and making it remote control. Making improvements as time, money, and availability of parts allows.

TBJR6TBJR6 08/19/2014 at 15:290 Comments

So the Remote control receiver has a "turbo" function. I figured I could tap into it and install horns. I thought what could go wrong? Apparently everything since I fried the chip trying to solder. I was originally hoping that V4 would be solid state using mosfets and such, but now it seems that since the control system needs attention I will be shifting my priorities to that. So time to make it WIFI controllable. My Idea is to use the serial port of a router and connect it to an MSP430. We will see how that goes.

Purely for posterity here are the horns I was planning on installing.