The current breadboard

A project log for Over-engineered LED strip controller

Way too much stuff to light my garage MY way.

WJCarpenterWJCarpenter 07/24/2020 at 20:180 Comments

{Editor's note: I re-read all of the project logs to refresh my memory of some things. I was surprised to find out I had started the project log almost exactly 3 years ago. That's slow, even for me, and I was already thinking about it for a while before I got around to making this project. Sheesh.]

I've got most of the logic of the circuitry laid out on a breadboard now. Since this is just proof-of-concept for the stuff, I only bothered with a single PIR sensor and a single rotary encoder. For the dimmer feature, I am driving an LED through one of the N-channel MOSFETs that I plan to use. The display is just showing some simple status information as I test things out. I haven't yet designed what the display will look like when the system is operational.