Biometric Firewall

An easy solution to making your own biometric firewall.

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preferred OS is linux with desktop session.
Might work in windows too but probably not as good in comparison to linux, because of the random seed generation tool used: cat /dev/urandom. If you find an alternative in windows it might work as good.
Moreover, it may also be used to generate and verify/sign public keys in a ONE TIME PAD way........ other cool tricks also available... but the firewall is just the minimum of decency.

I realized that this is most of the technique used to make Nas - the message..
So once, I played the song with my authentication and a veeery majestic throne appeared together with two, also, very imposing lions............. coolest thing ever.

Would like to do some recordings, but have to bridge my networks that have been attacked.......... and am thus denied of the service.

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    The trick is actually very simple...

    You have to point a webcam towards the screen, to film in its self, creating an infinite feedback loop.

    After this, you need to put an identification of yourself in the middle of the loop. the windows must be semi-transparent; a pic of your face, workspace, finger prints, x-ray; any of these will do....

    transparency can be achieved with a dedicated software... google it.

    some tips are: compiz for linux, nircmd for windows.

    On top of this you might also add a shell window with cat /dev/urandom. Even though the seed is random, once it can gain an extra dimension, structures can/will emerge.

    In the end, after playing with this, you will notice there are many tricks that can be done with this technique...

    The added picture is actually a signed public key, including a profile pic, an x ray, ettercap, and cat /dev/urandom (it can interact with the music as well)

    Good luck

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