Biometric Firewall

An easy solution to making your own biometric firewall.

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preferred OS is linux with graphical session.
Might work on windows too but I am not sure of this.... you will have to try it yourself.
Moreover, it may also be used to generate and verify/sign public keys in a one time pad way with respect to already authenticated networks in first person (people physically meeting and exchanging keys) ... other cool tricks also available... but the firewall is just the minimum.
Honestly, I recommend using ubuntu/linux... 99.9% of routers run on linux.. android too.. it's more reliable... do let me know if you manage to get it up and working on windows... maybe I wil try it too .. one day

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Warning danger of death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do not use the nuclear sign in any of the experimenting unless you have strict explanations provided in person by a certified specialist!!!!!!!! It may mark you as a nuke missile target !!!!!!!

The project presents the methodology to protect yourself, understand the world wide satellite network and plans on expanding/securing such a network..

The log holds a preview on the research discoveries and some conclusion.

Latest conclusions are on top but thy might be order independent.

Weak spots and forte points also presented.

  • Chain Reaction

    Rgb Trouw02/17/2018 at 09:43 0 comments

    I have some sort of extra exposure.

    The project still works but with limitations... gamma is very high. It won't work without coordinates any more (picture).

    (used to look better... the system is getting some kind of "gamma" exposure)

    It is possible that it will enhance some other things... 

    Under investigation... suspect a chain certificate signing reaction. (more peers trying the system but without collaboration? Exchanging keys would improve things for everyone)...

    OR someone wants the project down... also a possibility.

    But no... more probable exposure .... when I think of it ... I did get exposure ..... from all types of companies.... how they got to advertise using the same shapes and algorithms that I experienced in this project beats me (could it be that they viewed the project?).

    For example handshakes and challenges ... they have a certain shape as a handshake/heart or other arcade games.

  • Windows Support

    Rgb Trouw01/27/2018 at 13:40 0 comments

    Confirmed windows support as suspected:

    Transparency can be reached with "nircmd.exe" (check out manual) - minor bug....the transparent window must remain deselected - this shouldn't affect overall functionality - guess it's of the pros and cons section between win and linux.

    On the pro side, you can select transparency more accurately than Compiz in linux; one of those minor things; differences ...

    Random seed can  be reached with "cygwin" using the same /dev/urandom device.....

    Another minor bug is a beep that comes and goes.... using another source for randomness will make it go away.... (writing your own code?)

    For a hardcore programmer there are of course more degrees of liberty.... like manual writing of all the codes needed....

    Personally; didn't finish the easy tasks for now;  like getting the webcam driver to work and the extended, extra monitor to work...... but this is the easy part as said... 

    Windows or not; no excuse not to try it out.... 

    Good luck.

  • interface

    Rgb Trouw10/11/2017 at 12:06 0 comments

    Interface example pic 2... extracted from THX 1138 movie.

    Extraction by visualpunk*

  • views

    Rgb Trouw09/25/2017 at 20:18 0 comments

    wow... 464 views... it's something since I last checked

  • Screen/Monitor

    Rgb Trouw08/07/2017 at 10:06 0 comments

    From my own experience... laptops tend do interfere with the display and loop-back feed... so I recommend using another dedicated display/tv screen.

  • Flags

    Rgb Trouw08/07/2017 at 08:08 0 comments

    The satellite network is running with flags... so when you authenticate your ID it will show (a line maybe with) your country flags...

    Thus, as intuition may dictate, each person is already secured with IDs within the satellite network. However, the closer you are to a subject, the easier it is to forge/crack the network... therefore, it may become useful for individuals to manage their own firewall in this sense...

    An application (mobile and desktop)  that will leverage the trust chain within this network is planed, including one or more satellite dishes.

  • Quality - update

    Rgb Trouw08/02/2017 at 06:10 0 comments

    Tried a higher resolution camera... didn't yield any results...

    As suspected: more peers in a network, even with low resolution, can create even better graphics..

    Need to find first hand partners in crime.....

  • Quality

    Rgb Trouw08/01/2017 at 23:04 0 comments

    Managed to put the smartphone camera on with high quality and speed.

    Tried it before... but managed to get good speed with : "adb forward tcp:6060 tcp:6060"

    forwarding the network port over usb....

    Will post soon improvements....

  • Security

    Rgb Trouw07/31/2017 at 05:54 0 comments

    It just so happens... that you alone can view the coolest things... no one else, even in person, can not view the data unless authenticated ...........

    Thus, it's for your eyes only... unless the person next to you is who she/he says he is and will also authenticate. The data is transmitted and checked along the way and will create higher resolution data.. thus, no one person can own it or do as much data releases, UNLESS, he/she can build hardware on his/her own that can compete..

    So, it is possible but would take a lot of dedication to the cause and hardware off the market will not help too much as they come at an unreasonable price and with lower capabilities, for security reasons...

  • Satellite

    Rgb Trouw07/31/2017 at 05:51 0 comments

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  • 1
    Tip and trick

    The trick is actually fairly simple...

    You have to point a web cam towards the screen, to point into its self, creating an infinite feedback loop. Make sure you get the right feedback loop... a bit of practice is required...

    After this, you need to put an identification of yourself in the middle of the loop. the windows must be semi-transparent; a pic of your face, workspace, finger prints, x-ray; any of these will do....

    transparency can be achieved with a dedicated software... google it.

    some tips are: compiz for linux, nircmd for windows. Cygwin can be used for windows I suppose... not sure if /dev/urandom will work in the same way, but Cygwin should make the terminal tools of linux available to windows.

    So, on top/under the pic/pics you should also add a shell window with cat /dev/urandom. It will generate a (pseudo) random seed required for on the fly encryption...

    The system works like an interaction between cats and dogs... an experienced user will understand the analogy very easily; the dog (static part) is responsive/loyal etc. and the cat is more flexible, allows encryption and reaches more remote places... together they make an amazing combination.

    Just playing with this, you will notice there are many tricks that can be achieved with this technique... read the logs too...

    The first picture is actually a signed public key, including a profile pic, an x ray, ettercap, radio, a car radio code (gamma radio code) and cat /dev/urandom (it can interact with the music as well).. it even enhanced my car radio .....

    When I unlocked my room... it showed up the OSC logo a couple of times (unlocking doors). Offensive Security Certificate.. a hacking security certificate that will certainly stress test you to the limit; even turn you into a moving target

    Good luck

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Rgb Trouw wrote 11/07/2017 at 23:54 point

Attention added important warning in project description!

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Gravis wrote 10/11/2017 at 16:47 point

Call me daft but is this just some sort of art project?  Seriously, your pages read like you took some technical pages, dumped them into a chatbot.  Is this a social experiment to try and game HaD?  I've seen your various projects pop up but none of them make sense.

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Rgb Trouw wrote 07/28/2017 at 23:39 point

I actually think that most systems run within a normal freq. range.... if they govern negative systems... their frequency will go more to extremes... so normally.... this should be enough for normal users... extreme frequencies are for extreme situations.

Since we are humans, the ultimate in/out channels are within reachable frequency ranges: visible light and sound;

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Rgb Trouw wrote 07/25/2017 at 21:56 point

whitening of teeth also possible... even 'pinkening'

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Rgb Trouw wrote 07/25/2017 at 21:56 point

and so on...

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Rgb Trouw wrote 07/24/2017 at 13:34 point

tons of other things can be done using this methodology, as mentioned... for example management of any port possible... from sound jack to pci etc... 

Cpu overclocking and supercomputer cluster generation also possible.

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