smart glasses for cyclists

smart glasses for cyclists to measure and display beats per minute and revolutions per minute of the tyres.

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These glasses are to indicate the BPM and RVPM for cyclists. Cyclists use BPM and Cadence to track their cycling sessions. Having these data readily available is crucial for better practice sessions. Currently I am using Nokia 5110 LCD display. I would have used OLED display, as it is easier and uses less pins but I could not source it locally.
To get data on beats per minute (BPM) i intend to use a heart beat sensor and also build a cadence meter for revolutions per minute (RVPM) of the tyres. I will use bluetooth modules to send data to the LCD via arduino pro micro.
  • 1 × arduino pro micro
  • 1 × Nokia 5110 lcd
  • 1 × LIPO battery
  • 1 × acrylic lens 30 mm FL of 100 mm
  • 1 × acrylic glass sheet

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