Learning Crawler

A robot built for my Extended Project, that autonomously improves its gait using a mimetic approach to optimisation

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This robot crawls along, and using the rotary encoders on the wheels to measure its speed, and by randomly mutating the gait and re-measuring speed, can evolve better gaits. The chasis is inspired by disabled dogs.

footage of the robot walking with an evolved gait can be seen in the below video:

Note: I made this robot for school, as part of my Extended Project Qualification (started age 17). I do not get the grade till mid august so may be limited to how much documentation and research can be published before this date, but after receiving the grade, hope to publish everything, including all design and code.

  • 1 × VRSSM servo sheild
  • 1 × VRSB1 Power Shield
  • 1 × Cable ties
  • 10 × rivet
  • 4 × AA battery

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  • Origins

    Classic Hill-King07/18/2017 at 21:25 0 comments

    I built this robot aged 17 for school/college

    after receiving my grade in august I plan to expand this robot and improve its performance, and share all my documentation, design and code

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r swith wrote 07/19/2017 at 21:56 point

Very interesting project and easy to follow, even though it looks complicated, it is unique since it makes use of daily household objects. As an environmentalist i approve and more funding should be awarded in order to make recyclable robots that are even more efficient. In the future as a student of politics, i can say that when robots are mainstreamed (self autonomous ones) on a mass scale, the tax on these oily be bops partners and its environmentally friendly composition will surely shine through. Competition will also likely be based around this when population growth and earths inevitable destruction are put to play by global warming etc..

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