Controllerboards and first trys of case building

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sisamsisam 09/27/2014 at 13:050 Comments



( Pin 4 is the shield of the connector )



I built a case out of 4 parts, which I cut out of an woodboard with a lasercutter.

There are two things I didn't liked about that case: The corners and that I needed to make a hole for the USB-Cable.

So I designed a second version. Thats how I built it ( the buildingprocess of version 1 is similar ) :

The parts for the case version 2

I cut a piece out of one of the middle parts for the connector.

Next I glued all parts except the top one together.

And painted all parts with clear paint, to ninimize dirt on the controller.

Next I cut away the corners of the board, to make it fit into the case.

And then I glued the board in the controller and the top on it.

Unfortunatly the most buttons didn't work. The reason for this is probably, that I orderd other simular buttons, for the second board by mistake.