Quantity   Component name
2 × Continuous rotation micro servo A micro-sized hobby servo motor that has 360º rotation instead of 0º-180º
1 × Batteries A power bank or battery holder whose size does not exceed 105x60x25mm
1 × Development board The chassis is designed to carry an Arduino Uno form factor board.
1 × Marble A 16mm diameter marble is the cheapest and most available carter wheel
2 × Mini micro switch LxWxH Size:12.8x5.8x6.5mm,ON-ON 3P, Lever long 13mm
3 × Line IR sensor module TCRT5000L module with adjustable sensibility
2 × IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Adjustable infrared range sensor
1 × 9g micro servo Normal operation (0º-180º) micro servo
1 × Sonar HC-SR04 ultrasonic range sensor
2 × Rubber bands About 1.4mm thick, 3.5mm wide and 50mm diameter / 82mm perimeter
1 × Printed parts set
20 × Jumper wires To connect the sensors to the development board