PoC Success!

A project log for HoistInsight - A brain for your crane

Utilizing GPS tracking, point-to-point networking and mobile devices to increase safety and improve efficiency in crane hoist operations.

salokcinsalokcin 08/21/2014 at 06:260 Comments

I now have an independent "Operator Module" and "Load Module" communicating with each other via the XBee-900 Pro radios. The Load module is sending its positional information (decoded from the GPS module's NMEA sentences) to the Operator module. The operator module is doing very little crunching of the data, then sending it along to my mobile device where the maps are updated to show the new location.

I walked down the street about 30 yards just to prove it worked outside of a 5' range. I was pleasantly surprised! (Not that I really expected any different).

In its current state, acting as a crane operator I can see my location and the location of my "load" as it moves in real time. 

I have a crane company ready to get their hands on it YESTERDAY, so this is very exciting!