New engine structure

A project log for Mach Effect Thruster Xperiments

Building a Mach Effect Thruster (propellantless) based on Jim Woodward´s ideas -but going a different path

paul-kocylaPaul Kocyla 08/01/2017 at 17:590 Comments

The #Kocylator engine is beeing improved: On the right side you see the new engine structure. It is an ultrasonic transducer with a resonant booster (embedded in the POM block).
The booster increases the amplitude of the ultrasonic wave and also serves as mechannical support.
The driving circuit has also been improved, because the power inverter was underdimensioned and got too hot. The new one doesn´t even get warm. There is a BNC connector on the driver board now which allows to monitor the current through the transducer. It´s resonating at about 37kHz.