Wi Wi-Fi?

A project log for SCOUT - Smallest fully featured folding quadcopter

SCOUT is a micro UAS with decent flight time, speed, and technical capability. Designed for Search and Rescue Operation Assistance.

GlytchGlytch 07/19/2017 at 22:270 Comments

While SCOUT is intended to be a long endurance UAS, at least by micro quad standards, its not intended to be long range. It will be operating using 2.4ghz WiFi for telemetry, control, and FPV (with a standard 2.4ghz radio as a backup, of course)

However if longer range is desired, yagi antennas are your friend :)

This whole kit can easily be carried in your average laptop bag, with relative ease. I will be putting together a custom all in one control unit, and it could also be flown via a laptop or smart phone.