Custom Batteries

A project log for SCOUT - Smallest fully featured folding quadcopter

SCOUT is a micro UAS with decent flight time, speed, and technical capability. Designed for Search and Rescue Operation Assistance.

GlytchGlytch 07/19/2017 at 22:450 Comments

So, Ive been wanting to try an 18650 cell based quad build for a while. 18650 Lithium Ion cells are far safer than LiPo packs, and some are more energy dense as well. The problem comes in getting the power out of the cells, or the C rating. Most cant cope. However 3000mah LG HG2 cells have a rated continuous output of 20a. 3 in series, and you get a 33wh pack, with a  ~220w continuous,  ~385w peak discharge. This is pretty darn good, given its ~145g weight. For SCOUT, I have added an integrated balance circuit to make charging easier (just plug into a 3d printed dock or 12.6v wall wart), as well as added a hard case, to make transport and installation quick and simple as well. No connectors or cables to fiddle with.