A/C Vent Hack for Cities That Shd Fall

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Providing that this site caters to the hacking of items so as to improve upon -- and being that I currently temporarily reside in a place clustered with archaic dwellings, I thought it generous in passing to relate a means to resolve for an engineering issue many likely suffer from when living in elder metropolises.

Numerous residents are required to dangle a/c units from their windows this time of year and often times the misalignment of windows, bcz the buildings were designed and constructed by cretins, results in inefficient distribution of air.

Here, as follows, is a method to improve upon the efficiency of your air conditioning by employing nothing more than scrap cardboard, a ruler, pencil and tape.

Realize that shd some one come across this, recognize the opportunity and subsequently are able to increase the efficiency of their a/c unit, resource use may be ever so slightly reduced and the planet, saved...ish.

  • 1 × Cardboard
  • 1 × Ruler
  • 1 × Pencil
  • 1 × Razor Blade
  • 1 × Tape

  • Processeses

    Vije Miller07/20/2017 at 03:21 0 comments

    1. Measure vent length and width.

    2. Find the angle from the furthest edge of the AC vent to the furthest corner of the room. This may not cross the center but it will result in even distribution.

    3. Using a 3 to 1 ratio -- (ex. 3 inch high vent to 1 inch opening) trace out a top and identical bottom length flap on the cardboard. Using the angle furthest, cut a length longer than the other to redirect the flow of air. Do not intend to reduce the opening too small bcz too little room for displacement will over work the A/C and reduce efficiency.

    4. Using glue (hot or cold) affix the corners. Using tape, seal the edges.

    5. Affixing to the unit, a proper seal around the edges flush with the vent will reduce escaping air and reduced pressure. Tape the edges where the new vent comes in contact with the unit face.

    6. Cardboard is cheap and free, if this design does not meet your it again!

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