Testing the motor controller and gear box

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A quadrupedal walking robot

charles-galambosCharles Galambos 09/09/2017 at 16:590 Comments

So after quite a bit on work on the motor controller firmware, things are starting to come together.     Though the motor position estimation isn't working quite as well as I would like, it is good enough to control the motor and drive it reasonably efficiently.  There is also quite a bit more parameter tuning needed on the PID controllers, but I will wait until a full leg is assembled so I can tune it with a more realistic load.

In the following video I am using a slider on a GUI to control the position of the motor.  Here I am using a single 14.8V battery.  I plan to use two of these in series to provide a 30V supply to reduce the current in the supply wiring, as you can see from the following video speed doesn't look like it will be a problem!