Laser Cut Picture Frame

A self-supported picture frame for a standard 4"x6" photo out of laser cut wood

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I wanted to give these out as gifts to a few people, and to try out the laser cutter I just got access to. These frames are made of 1/8" wood and have 5 individual pieces. The support legs are removable so there is an option for both standing and hanging the frame.

Picture Frame_Raster Logos_12x12.svg

Inkscape file of all pieces on 12x12 background

svg+xml - 182.70 kB - 07/20/2017 at 20:03


Picture Frame_Raster Logos_12x12.pdf

PDF version of the pieces

Adobe Portable Document Format - 58.21 kB - 07/20/2017 at 20:03


  • Design Goals

    AndyMac07/20/2017 at 20:14 0 comments

    These picture frames were designed to be cut out of a single piece of 12" x 12" material and assembled with wood glue.  

    A later design revision added a hole in the back of the backplate for optional mounting.  Here they are all popped out.  

    And the final product once assembled:

    Using a different material for the rear panel makes the text jump out a bit better when assembled, but once you add a picture it does not make a difference.  

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  • 1
    Cut out pieces

    These were arranged to print on a 12x12 piece, but the individual pieces are no larger than about 5x7

  • 2
    Glue spacer to front panel

    You can start with either the front or the rear panel, but this makes it easier to line up the spacer with the inside edges of the frame.  I suggest taking a scrap piece or one of the stand legs to wedge into the spacer temporarily.  If you glue the thin arms of the spacer piece too close together it will be difficult to insert the legs later.  Similarly, make sure you remove and large glue beads from the spacer slots.  Give the glue a few minutes to set before proceeding.

  • 3
    Add rear panel

    Line the rear panel up and glue to the assembly.  Excess glue is easy to wipe up now, but will be hidden anyway.

    Weighing down the piece is not necessary unless the wood is warped.  A couple of textbooks (or a box of dominoes in this case) while the glue is drying works very well.

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Arya wrote 08/02/2017 at 00:54 point

You might want to stick some masking tape onto the wood to avoid burn marks when cutting/engraving =)

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