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An open-source robot developing environment that helps inventors build low-cost robots without having to start from scratch.

ted-huntingtonTed Huntington 07/29/2017 at 06:150 Comments

07/28  I fixed the calibrating the accelerometers and gyroscopes code, so now one or more individual accels/gyros can be calibrated (but the .msi will probably get updated Monday). I have most of the 3D printed parts for my 4-leg robot and will probably assemble it tomorrow. Last but not least I have sketched a basic outline of how to change my Robot app code from being hard-coded for a 2-leg robot, to having a "Robots" folder (both in the home folder, and user folder) that has an EthAccels.txt and EthMotors.txt files in which to list the names for the accels and motors. Beyond that I could see users adding a basic "cube" .stl model of their robot so that a window can relate accel locations to various body segments on each robot.