One common SPI interface for "every" LCD out there

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There have been so many times where I wanted to add an LCD display to my projects, but found myself either lucking GPIO pins to use, or the software driver enabling me to use that particular LCD with my MCU.

And I really wish there was a common API, over SPI, that enables me to communicate with those LCDs, no matter what type of LCD they are, and no matter what type of MCU i am using (from AVR to Cortex A20)

The idea here is to develop a "universal" interface to LCDs, that exposes the functions of those LCDs over SPI, in a universal API, that doesn't change with the type of the LCD or the type of the MCU.

One consideration here is to make sure this is not too much expensive than any common LCD modules out there.

I have not yet decided if i am going to use an FPGA or an stm32 on the heart of this module, but it won't be very late until the decision is taken.

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