Help blind people (people with disabilities) or old people avoid obstructions and tell them they can also know the light/dark, temperature..

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Allows the blind person to avoid obstructions in front of, warning people in front or danger warnings. As well as identifying the day or night, color the object with sensors (the device can be a bracelet, a hat or necklace ...)

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    Construction guide and hardware
    1. a hat (or eyeglasses, small robots lead the way ..)
    2. Hardware: 1 Genuino-101, 1 base shield, 1 rechargeable battery.
    3. One button on / off, one button toggles between functions and sensors.
    4. Sensors: 1 Motion sensor, 1 sensor detector, 1 grove light sensor, 1 color recognition sensor, 1 sound sensor, 1 temperature sensor
    5. Write the Arduino code that connects the sensors and functions.

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