Hardware level mostly done, on to animation.

A project log for LED cube using charlieplexing

I'm building a prototype 4x4x4 LED cube with a charlieplexed topology.

endevor100endevor100 10/28/2017 at 02:340 Comments

I was able to solve the cube's issues with being blank quicker than I thought so I was able to move on to animations. Currently I have generic animation functions to turn single LEDs on/off, turn off of the LEDs on/off, and to shift the whole cube image in the either directions along it's 3 axes. 

The only other generic function I can think of that I want to implement is rotating the image about the axis. After that it's on to creating things that are actually interesting.

The first step is probably getting all of the animation helper functions into an external file though. The main.c is getting to be too long for my tastes.

The code is still a bit rough, but it is now uploaded and being maintained on my GitHub account.