• Free Bikes

    Blaine Murphy07/24/2017 at 22:12 0 comments

    This past weekend a local organization had an event giving away a massive amount of partially or fully working bicycles. I went to the event looking for a smaller bike for my girlfriend, but ended up with a little more than I came for. As we were leaving the warehouse full of bikes and parts, I saw something beautiful. The machine in front of me was not a bike -- but an electric scooter.

    The beast turned out to be a Currie Technologies e750 electric scooter. A quick look on the official Currie website turned up empty so I went to the internet archives where I found the official product page from December 2008. The product page boasts a 750W DC motor and a 12 mile range (not on West Virginia's terrain, I'm sure). Missing is the foot deck and battery pack, but everything else seems to be there.

    The frame shows some surface and scale rust. I think most of the rust is shallow and could easily be sanded or ground off with a rotary tool.

    More rust can be seen on other pars of the frame. Almost all of the rust looks easy to remove

    The batteries are charged with an external adapter which is also missing. The port for this adapter looks like an XLR audio port.

    Under the missing foot board is a bay for batteries and a motor controller. The site claims this is a 750W scooter, but 24V * 30A = 720W.

    The rear wheel is driven with a 24V DC motor. The motor is attached with #25 chain to a large and rusty sprocket on the rear wheel.

    The next step is to tear this puppy down to components and see what needs to be replaced and upgraded. While I have it apart I plan to strip and paint the frame.